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At Italianissimi, our philosophy is that we are experts in creating a learning environment to help you learn Italian and therefore that is where we should concentrate our energy, rather than being an “Italian Language Course Tour Operator”. We believe that in this day and age most people prefer to design their own holidays, choosing flights and accommodation that suit their own taste and budget.

For this reason, we supply links to the different websites of airlines that operate between the UK and Ireland and Pisa, along with information on websites where you will find extensive accommodation options. However, we have also visited many of the hotels and have made our own succinct summaries, judging them by British standards. It’s a slow process, so there will be many you may find on an external list which we haven’t visited, but we are on a mission to cover as many as we can eventually! We hope that by doing this we can build up a consistent method of comparison that allows you to make a choice you are comfortable with and which delivers no unpleasant surprises.

However, we also believe that part of providing the best possible learning environment means creating the right environment outside the school. We want you to arrive each morning in a relaxed mood and looking forward to the day’s lesson. We reason that if you are happy with where you are staying, this will positively affect your frame of mind during the lesson.

We are also happy to answer your logistical questions about accommodation and you are welcome to phone or email us with your specific requests. Examples might include:

  • “We’re thinking about staying in Pietrasanta which we understand is 30 minutes north of Pisa. How easy will it be for us to arrive by train each day?”
  • “We are considering three hotels - can you help us work out which one is likely to suit us most, thinking about ease of getting to school, the charm of the neighbourhood, etc?”
  • “We have found a lovely villa about 15 km from Pisa. Will it be easy to reach the school from there by public transport?”
  • “If we are holidaying in Tuscany for 10 days and would like to stay in another part of the region for the final four days after our course finishes, can you help us with some suggestions?”



We have a number of Friends of the School who would love to host our Italianissimi students, offering you an even greater Italian immersion experience. If this is something you would like to find out more about, please call or email us.



The following airlines fly directly to Pisa during the summer months:

BA: London Gatwick and Heathrow

Easyjet: Bristol, London Gatwick and Luton

Ryanair: Bournemouth, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted Belfast, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle, Manchester


Yet another of Pisa’s advantages is that the airport is just 10 minutes by car from the centre of the town. A taxi should cost no more than €10 or you can catch a bus which costs €1 and leaves every 20 minutes. Alternatively, the train is also very easy, taking just 5 minutes and costing €1.10.

However, do note that you cannot buy a ticket aboard either the bus or train and you will therefore need to have Euros at hand to purchase a ticket from the available machines.



If you would like someone from our school to meet you we can also arrange for that. We will provide you with a quote for this service once you know your flight arrival time and where your chosen accommodation is situated.

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